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Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital

In recent years there has been increased awareness of surgery’s place within the greater scope of global health and health systems strengthening.  New reports on the surgical burden of disease are providing firm data to support the documented need for improved access to surgical care throughout the global community; and this information coupled with an accelerated level of interest within the next generation of medical professionals has made it clear that global surgical intervention will become an important issue for medical education both domestically and abroad.  Singular pursuits by dedicated surgeons have been amplified by the participation of academic medical centers, paving the way for novel partnerships and methodologies to enhance surgical capacity-building.

Residents Victoria Nyaiterra, Esther Nakasagga, and Jamilah Nabukenya employ new diagnostic techniques in the OR with Dr. Ramon Franco and Paul Paddle

Ugandan ENT residents work with OGSH faculty

While the growth and diversification of groups and individuals participating in ENT and ophthalmology-related global health activities holds great promise for improving access to surgical care for disorders of the eye, head and neck, it is vital that such efforts be conducted in harmony with parallel programs, optimizing resources and effectiveness as well as building a spirit of healthy collaboration with in-country partners.  It is our feeling that by encouraging collaborative efforts and information-sharing, global health teams will be able to increase the effectiveness of their outreach and acclerate scalable regional efforts.

Mugisha reading CT scan

Dr. Julius Mugisha, MUST Radiology, oversees a CT scan at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital

To encourage and support communication, coordination, and collaboration among those involved in ENT and Ophthalmology-related global health activity, the Office of Global Surgery and Health at the Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary has begun to maintain a database, calendar, and map cataloguing such activities.  It is our hope that these tools will aid in logistical coordination and raise the awareness of future endeavors.

Finally, as we have reached out to various members of the community that have been engaged in global surgery over the years and been a part of its maturation as a field, we have been impressed with the wealth and variety of experiences that surgeons have gained working to improve global access to subspecialty surgical care.   To that end, we would like to offer the use of this blog as a platform for sharing stories of success and setbacks and how to best learn from and improve upon these experiences.  On behalf of the Office of Global Surgery, thank you for your time, your interest, and your committment.  We live in an exciting time.


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