Radiology rounds across the ocean


Dr. Julius Mugisha reading a CT scan at Mbarara District Regional Referral Hospital

This fall the Office of Global Surgery and Health (OGSH) at Massachusetts Eye and Ear joined an ongoing partnership between Mbarara District Regional Referral Hospital and the Radiology Department at Massachusetts General Hospital to support the provision of radiologic services.  Located in southwestern Uganda, MRRH is a public training hospital which serves an extensive catchment area including a large refugee population.  Over the past year, MGH Radiology has sent several representatives to visit with the Radiology faculty and discuss possible ways in which to address the obstacles they have faced.   The OGSH became involved in order to provide specialized support for Head and Neck and Ophthalmic Radiology.  This began with our first live radiology rounds via videoconference.A challenge of videoconferencing in Uganda is the low-bandwidth network, which makes Skype impractical. We instead used the program Vsee, which allows videoconferencing on low-bandwidth systems. Vsee’s screen sharing feature enables each radiologist to show slides and even anonymized cases from the PACS system.

Participating in Uganda was Dr. Julius Mugisha, the senior staff in Radiology at Mbarara hospital. A graduate of MUST, Dr. Mugisha provides a wide range of radiology services and also teaches residents rotating from the main campus of MUST.

photo 2

Videoconferencing radiology rounds between Boston and Mbarara

Participating at MEEI were Garry Choy an MGH radiologist, who specializes in international teleradiology, McKinley Glover, a resident interested in international radiology, and Mary Beth Cunnane, staff radiologist from MEEI.

We hope that the ongoing collaboration will assist in resident education at both institutions as we share interesting cases and approaches to diagnosis.


Dr. Mary Beth Cunnane, Mass Eye and Ear


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