November 2014 Mbarara ENT Faculty Visit


Tessa Hadlock, M.D., and Nathan Jowett, M.D., work with second-year MMeds Esther Nakasaga and Jamilah Nabukenya

This November, Tessa Hadlock, M.D., and Nathan Jowett, M.D., a Facial Plastics fellow, conducted the third faculty-led training module for the ENT residents at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Mbarara, Uganda. Focusing on identification of the facial nerve, Dr. Hadlock led a series of teaching cases dedicated to identifying and preserving the facial nerve, a topic of great importance in view of the high incidence – and common late presentation – of head and neck cancer in Uganda. Dr. Hadlock and the MUST faculty and residents took on several challenging cases, including extensive parotid and facial nerve tumors, demonstrating the possibility of preventing facial paralysis during tumor extradition.


Tessa Hadlock, M.D., leads Doreen Nakku, M.D., and Jamilah Nabukenya, M.D., through a teaching case

Over the course of the week, Dr. Hadlock introduced the residents and faculty to innovative facial paralysis management techniques and served as a source of research mentorship for the residents. Research mentorship and the creation of a robust academic tradition (demonstrated through peer-reviewed publications) are important aspects of the building collaboration and will take on greater importance in the second year of the partnership. In continuation of the monitoring and evaluation standard established through the previous faculty trips led by Dr. Ramon Franco and Dr. Eric Holbrook, the MUST residents were assessed utilizing the same skills and knowledge transfer assessments given to ENT residents in the Harvard program. Over the course of the past year and three faculty trips, these objective measures have demonstrated positive and increasing knowledge and skills gains among the residents and have contributed to growing evidence of the residency partnership model.


Dr. George Galiwongo and the Plastics MMeds at CoRSU meet with Drs. Tessa Hadlock and Mack Cheney

Additionally, Dr. Hadlock presented Grand Rounds at CoRSU (Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Uganda) Specialty Hospital, current home to Uganda’s only Plastics Residency Program. The residency program will change sites to MUST in 2017.

We would like to convey our thanks to the ENT Faculty at MUST, Drs. Evelyn Llowet and Doreen Nakku, and the MMed candidates, Drs. Victoria Nyaiteera (3rd year), Jamilah Nabukenya (2nd year), and Esther Nakasaga (2nd year) for their hard work and dedication.



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