HUEH September 2016 Update

A team of faculty from Mass Eye and Ear, including Mark Varvares, MD, Tessa Hadlock, MD, and Mack Cheney, MD, recently returned to Hôpital de l’Université d’Etat d’Haiti (HUEH) to engage with the current resident class and reevaluate a patient treated at Mass Eye and Ear in December of 2015. Mass Eye and Ear, through its Office of Global Surgery and Health, has partnered with HUEH since 2015, providing faculty mentorship and training guidelines for its ENT and Ophthalmology residency programs in subspecialty topics such as Laryngology, Rhinology, Radiology, Cornea and Anterior Segment, and Retina.

Eight months ago, Rony Nelson, a young man from Carrefour, Haiti, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, came to Boston with a life-threatening ameloblastoma that had severely affected his mandible and was impeding his ability to speak and eat. A surgical team led by Dr. Varvares removed the tumor and rebuilt his mandible. Since then his progress has been followed by the ENT Department at HUEH, led by Department Head Patrick Jean-Gilles, MD. During the visit, Dr. Jean-Gilles and Dr. Varvares performed a minor surgical procedure on Nelson, whose health and function has greatly improved.

Dr. Tessa Hadlock and Dr. Mack Cheney met with HUEH’s eight ENT residents individually for an in-depth discussion on his/her subspecialty interest and clinical research goals. Dr. Hadlock has also led mentorship efforts to support academic research training with residents at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda. It is the program’s intent to provide mentorship support for residents and junior faculty with the goal of promoting clinical research as a critical component for professional development and improving patient outcomes. An active and robust academic environment creates opportunities for growth and nurtures promising faculty.

Mass Eye and Ear’s Office of Global Surgery is currently planning upcoming academic modules.


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